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3D Cubed Desktop Managers

3D window managers allows for your computer desktop to become 4 (or more) virtual desktops which you can rotate around as a cube. You simply rotate the cube around to choose the desktop you want to use.

ASP.NET Lesson 2 - Processing Forms

In this tutorial you will learn how to process a form using ASP.NET. You should have already been through the first tutorial at this point.

ASP.NET Lesson 1 - Getting Setup

Here you will learn what to do to setup your computer to begin developing ASP.NET web pages.

Computer Shortcuts for Cutting Time

Using shortcuts can save you time and frustration. Use these ones while you work on the computer. Remember to bookmark this page so you can come back to it easily.

Shortcut for Accessing the System Properties Window

In Windows®, with the System Properties window you can: see how fast your processor is, change your computer's name, adjust your visual settings and more. You can access the System Properties window by using shortcut keys or by finding it in the Start menu.

2 Ways to Close a Program that is Not Responding

In Windows®, every once in a while a program might freeze up on you. There are two ways you can close a program that is not responding. Next time a program freezes up on you, try one (or both) of the following methods:

DesktopTwo (An Online Desktop)

I found out about Desktoptwo, an online desktop with a file manager, music player, and more; while checking out the Web 2.0 awards at

Disabling Startup Programs

Here is a handy tip for when your computer gets too bogged down. You can disable some programs from starting up when your computer starts up.

4 Tips for Better Browsing

Here are some handy ways to speed up or make your Internet browsing experience better.