Computer Shortcuts for Cutting Time

Using shortcuts can save you time and frustration. Use these ones while you work on the computer. Remember to bookmark this page so you can come back to it easily.

Ctrl-C       Copy             Word Processing, etc.

Ctrl-V Paste Word Processing, etc.

Ctrl-S Save Word Processing, etc.

Alt-F-A Save As Word Processing, etc.

Shift-Del Delete Forever Deletes files instead of
sending them to the
"Recycle Bin".

F2 Edit Renaming files
Editing spreadsheet cells

Alt-F4 Close Window Closes almost any window.

WIN-E My Computer Opens "My Computer".


[...] the file by either clicking the Save icon at the top of PSPad or pushing CTRL+S which is the keyboard shortcut for [...]
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Thanks for blogging. I completely agree with your opinion.
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