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Photos of the Inside of a Laptop

I took these photos of the inside of a laptop.

Photo of Inside of a Laptop

Photo of Inside of a Laptop

Ruby on Rails vs

Resource 1
What I Left With:

Use the programming platform that is best for you at the time.

Resource 2
What I Left With:

Big project? Big budget? =
Little project? Small budget? = Ruby on Rails.

Resource 3:
What I Left With:

With Ruby on Rails, debugging is done in the command line. Want to see the value of a variable? You have to go to the command line and run a command on that variable nae. Wheras in, using Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2008, you can just hover the cursor over a variable and see its value. The former is preferred by me.
The language format of Ruby on Rails seems ugly to me. I prefer the format of C#, Java, and JavaScript.

Google Chrome OS vs Xandros Presto

It is great that Google is entering the desktop Linux scene, but check out this comparison to see what is already available today.

Google Chrome OS

Available: 2010
Kernel: Linux
Browser: Google Chrome
Bootup time: Seconds.
We won't have to worry about viruses.
Visit the source of this information

Xandros Presto

Available: Now
Kernel: Linux
Browser: Firefox
Bootup time: Seconds.
Comes with a price. (Free trial available)
Visit Website

Web Development Goodies

I found out about Leigeber Web Development Blog tonight.  If you are a web developer, you might want to check out some of the goodies that are presented such as:

Popup box
Sortable table
Drop-down menu

New Tabs Open Slow in Internet Explorer 7 or 8?

Does it take a long time to actually open a tab in Microsoft® Internet Explorer®?

Will An Old Laptop Run Windows 7 Well?

Do you think that Windows® 7 will run faster than Windows Vista® or run on an older laptop from the early 2000's?

Cool Commercials from the LDS Church

Runaway Stage



For more videos from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints visit Mormon Messages on YouTube

To learn more about the church, visit

Custom control with child elements

Visit the links below to learn how to make your own custom server control with child elements.

Free or Not WPF Controls

Free WPF Controls

Xceed DataGrid (Express Edition)

Not Free WPF Controls

Xceed DataGrid (Pro)

Web Based Applications Using Windows Presentation Foundation

Scott Hanselman has posted a good article introducing using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to write web-based applications that will run on Internet Explorer and FireFox if you have the .net Framework 3.5 installed.

How to Make a PHP System Look Like Your Corporate Website

This tutorial explains how to get sites like WordPress, PHPBB, and Kayako's eSupport's help desk area to use your website's look-and-feel so that when you change your corporate website template then the help desk area will automatically reflect those changes.

Moving to from ColdFusion

This article provides:

A link to MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) where you can see some of the ColdFusion® to .net translations that Microsoft has provided
Some of my own suggestions that a ColdFusion developer should know when going to .net

How to Effectively Show Code Snippets in WordPress Posts

The SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin for Wordpress will allow you to show code examples on your WordPress blog. See examples in this post.

Google Brain Search Joke

If you visit today with a Windows Mobile browser you might encounter an ad that reads "Dont forget: Brain Search". (I have not tested it with other mobile browsers.)

LDS Church's Official Statement About Big Love

The LDS Church has released an official statement about the HBO series Big Love. Read the article here, and watch a movie about Mormon Temples in the video embedded on this post.

Where to See Screenshots of Microsoft® Windows® 7

Head on over to to see lots of screenshots of the recently released beta version of Microsoft® Windows® 7.

Copyright Notice: Windows is either registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Speeding up a Slow Eclipse

If your Eclipse seems to go slow, you might want to read this article on MXUnit.