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Free or Not WPF Controls

Free WPF Controls

Xceed DataGrid (Express Edition)

Not Free WPF Controls

Xceed DataGrid (Pro)

Web Based Applications Using Windows Presentation Foundation

Scott Hanselman has posted a good article introducing using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to write web-based applications that will run on Internet Explorer and FireFox if you have the .net Framework 3.5 installed.

How to Make a PHP System Look Like Your Corporate Website

This tutorial explains how to get sites like WordPress, PHPBB, and Kayako's eSupport's help desk area to use your website's look-and-feel so that when you change your corporate website template then the help desk area will automatically reflect those changes.

Moving to from ColdFusion

This article provides:

A link to MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) where you can see some of the ColdFusion® to .net translations that Microsoft has provided
Some of my own suggestions that a ColdFusion developer should know when going to .net

How to Effectively Show Code Snippets in WordPress Posts

The SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin for Wordpress will allow you to show code examples on your WordPress blog. See examples in this post.