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Photos of the Inside of a Laptop

I took these photos of the inside of a laptop.

Photo of Inside of a Laptop

Photo of Inside of a Laptop

Ruby on Rails vs

Resource 1
What I Left With:

Use the programming platform that is best for you at the time.

Resource 2
What I Left With:

Big project? Big budget? =
Little project? Small budget? = Ruby on Rails.

Resource 3:
What I Left With:

With Ruby on Rails, debugging is done in the command line. Want to see the value of a variable? You have to go to the command line and run a command on that variable nae. Wheras in, using Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2008, you can just hover the cursor over a variable and see its value. The former is preferred by me.
The language format of Ruby on Rails seems ugly to me. I prefer the format of C#, Java, and JavaScript.