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Web-Based Programming IDEs

Here is a list of web-based programming IDEs:

ShiftEdit IDE
Cloud9 IDE

Cross-Browser Divs vs Tables 100% Height - My Challenge to Web Developers

The Challenge
I challenge web developers to come up with a cross-browser solution that uses DIVs to reproduce my layout that uses a Table that uses 100% height with a middle area that stretches.
The Catch

Cross-Browser: It must work and look the same in IE6, IE9 normal mode, Chrome 11, and Firefox 4.
Code Amount: The Div solution should be less complex or at least no more complex than my Table solution.  (There is a link to my code at the end of this post.)
Feel free to use javascript and CSS, but just remember requirement 2 above.
Extra brownie points if you use an XHTML Transitional doctype.
Even more brownie points if you use an XHTML Strict or HTML 5 doctype.

User Interface Requirements

Top Pane: Must always be visible and never scroll out of view.
Middle Pane: When resizing the browser, the middle pane height' must stretch to fill the rest of what the top and bottom don't take up.
Bottom Pane: Must always be visible and never scroll out of view.

What It Should Look Like

My code that u…

How to Use an Android Phone Without a Two Year Contract

You can use an Android phone without having to be on a two-year contract and without having to pay for an expensive data plan.

The Benefits

Inexpensive monthly cost for an Android phone.

The Drawbacks

You have to pay more to buy a phone outright.
You don't get as much data.
No nights/weekends.

The Steps

Purchase a Verizon Android phone without a contract. I suggest getting a used one on an auction website or find one on a classified ads website.
Register with PagePlusCellular.
Sign up for a prepaid plan that fits your needs. (There are many pricing options available, but there is no yearly contract.)

As far as I know, PagePlus doesn't officially provide support for people who use Android phones on their service, but I have used successfully used the following with their service: Droid 1, Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, Droid 2 and Samsung Fascinate. I was not able to get the HTC Thunderbolt (which is a 4G phone with a SIM card) to work on PagePlus.

How to Get Free Blog Hosting

Follow these instructions to get free blog hosting:

Go to and sign up for the free plan.
Login to your account.
At the top choose: Web Tools > Elefante Free Scripts.
Scroll down to the header title "Blog" and click "WordPress".
Click the Install WordPress link.
Fill out and submit the form.

With FreeHostia you can also install the other scripts you will see listed and you can make your own custom website as well.