App For Calculating Cost Per Ounce When Shopping

I made an app for iPhoneiPad and Android that helps you calculate the cost-per-ounce of products when you are grocery shopping. It is great for comparison shoppers and couponers.

Scenario: Let's say there is a 32 ounce box of cereal for $5 on the shelf, and on the shelf below there is a 24 ounce box for $4. This app helps you quickly figure out which one is actually the better deal. In this case the $5 box is the better deal at about 15.6 cents an ounce whereas the $4 box ends up costing about 16.6 cents an ounce.

The app is very easy to use: Just enter the dollar amount and the ounces, push the button to calculate the cost per ounce, and there you have it!

Tip: Even though the app was specifically made to calculate cost-per ounce, you could possibly also get away with using it to calculate cost-per-pound, cost-per-gallon, and even cost-per-diaper if you wanted to.

Get the App:

Cost Per Ounce Calculator for iPhone
Download iPhone Version
Download Android Version


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