Delphi XE5 for Native Cross Platform Mobile Development

Today I used the demo version of Delphi XE5 to get a cross platform test app working on a Galaxy Note 2, an iPhone 5, and an iPad 4 all using the same source code from the same project. I was even able to perform animation to the dimensions of an image component and have it work across all three devices.

If you are looking for an alternative to PhoneGap, Titanium, or Xamarin (MonoTouch) then I recommend giving Delphi XE5 a try.

A few things I like about it so far are:
  1. The resulting app is native, unlike PhoneGap apps that run in a web view.
  2. The button click did not have a delay like HTML apps can have that you might use with PhoneGap.
  3. I was able to re-use 100% of the project for both platforms -- yes even the UI unlike the drawback that Xamarin has.
  4. The animation was very smooth on the iPhone 5 and iPad 4. It was also smooth on the Galaxy Note 2, but not quite smooth as on the Apple devices. I am a little concerned on how the animation would appear on an older Android device. However any animation smoothness issues might very well be the fault of the device, and not that of Delphi.

I ran into a couple hiccups at first but I was able to get the help I needed from their support department.

Delphi runs on Windows, but in order to compile for iOS you will need a Mac as well for Delphi to connect to remotely.

Here is a video that Embarcadero published:


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