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Installing Command Line Tools on OSX Mavericks

One of the requirements on a Mac for creating a Native Client plugin for Chrome is to have Make installed. A version of Make comes with Command Line tools for Mac. I am using Xcode 5 on OSX Mavericks, but I found that under Xcode Preferences, Command Line tools is no longer listed to be downloaded.

Luckily Alok Yadav at Computers And You has posted an article explaining how to install Command Line Tools on OSX Mavericks. I went this route and it installed easily.

Also, "thekbb" pointed out on Stack Overflow that it can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center.

Announcing Cost Per Ounce Calculator Lite (Free Version) for iPhone

For those who are not ready to take the plunge and buy the paid version, I am pleased to announce the availability of the Lite version for iOS. This version allows iPhone users to "try before you buy". Because it is the lite version, it comes with a limit of only being able to enter cost values of $2 or less.

Download Lite (free) Version Now

Cost Per Ounce Calculator Lite - for iPhone
For those who are interested, here are links to the paid version:

Cost Per Ounce Calculator (full) - for iPhoneCost Per Once Calculator (full) - for Android

Also if you are interested in counting carbs or calories, please check out my Carb or Calorie Counter app for iPhone.