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Wood Block Pinball for iPhone

Check out Wood Block Pinball for iPhone, my latest game made using Unity3d.

Introducing the Free Version of Lightning List

I have released a free, ad-supported version of Lightning List for iPhone.

It can be downloaded here: Lightning List Lite

Lightning List for iPhone Now Has Checkboxes

I have added checkboxes and updated the user interface on my Lightning List app for iPhone. If you have already purchased Lightning List, you can get the update in the App Store for free.

New users can purchase from the App Store: Lightning List.

Solved: Blog Banner Rotator Script Generator

Recently a friend of mine was in need of a solution to rotate banners on his website. He already had the images but needed a way to make them rotate while users were on the site.  His request inspired me to build this application that he and others can use. I would like to introduce Blog Banner Rotator.

Blog or website owners can use Blog Banner Rotator to generate script for installation on their blog which will randomly rotate the specified banner images at a given interval.
It is easy to use: Specify the banner captions, image URLs, link URLs, and other settings such as height and width.  Then click the button to generate the script. Finally, copy the script into an HTML/JavaScript widget on the blog or on an area of the website that allows JavaScript to run.
The trial version allows users to manage one rotator which can contain up to 50 banners.
The paid subscription allows users to manage up to 15 rotators with up to 50 banners each.
Download it for Windows or Mac at the Chrome Web St…

Amazing fire and water effects in Unreal Engine 4

Introducing Brick Juggle Game for iPhone

I am happy to announce Brick Juggle, my recently published game that I built using Unity.

The point of the game is to keep all three bricks in the air as long as you can. The timer starts once you have all three in the air. Don't let them fall or you'll break the glass. Good luck!

Download now: Brick Juggle

Cost Per Square Foot Calculator for iPhone

Announcing the recent release of one of my latest iOS apps: Cost Per Square Foot Calculator.
I developed it using Appcelerator Titanium Studio.
Download it free: Cost Per Ounce Calculator

Planet Jump Preview - Using Unreal Engine 4

I am making a video game called Planet Jump using Unreal Engine 4. Unreal is amazing, especially since they provide you with awesome textures and sounds you can use in your projects!
Here is a preview showing some of what I have in place so far:

Lightning List for iPhone - Made using Titanium Studio and InkPad

I created another app for the iPhone called Lightning List. The app went live on the App Store two days ago.

Lightning List allows you to create lists very quickly. You can also add a sublist to an item by double-tapping that item. Sublists can go multiple levels deep. Add icons to list items by using the Emoji keyboard available on your iPhone.

I programmed the app using Titanium Studio; and I created the icon using InkPad.

See Lightning List on the App Store.


App File Size and Startup Speed: Xcode vs Xamarin vs Titanium Alloy

I created a blank single-view application in three different IDEs and compared the file size and startup time of the resulting apps once deployed to my iPhone 5S.

Listed below are the IDEs I used, the file sizes and startup speeds for each app:

IDEs Used:

Xcode 5.02 with the deployment target set to iOS 7.0Xamarin Studio 4.2.3Titanium Studio 3.2.1 using Alloy
File Sizes:
Xcode: 216 KBXamarin (for Release): 2.9 MBXamarin (for Debug): 5.1 MBTitanium Alloy: 4.6 MBStartup Speeds: (From home icon tap to after launch screen finished) Xcode: ~1.056 seconds (Average of: 1.06, 1.08, 1.03)Xamarin (for Release): ~1.056 seconds (Average of: 1.06, 1.11, 1.00)Xamarin (for Debug): ~2.49 seconds (Average of: 2.33, 2.58, 2.58)Titanium Alloy: ~1.07 (Average of: 0.96, 1.10, 1.12, 1.11)