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Introducing App Vendor - New Mobile Platform For Uniting App Developers With Investors

I am excited to announce the release of one of my latest apps: App Vendor.
App Vendor is a new platform designed for connecting software developers and investors.
What kind of software developers? Those who have already made and released apps but aren't able to take them to the next level due to either lack of time or financing.
What kind of investors? 2 kinds: 1) Development firms who would like to purchase ownership of existing apps that already have a user base to add to their own portfolio. 2) Entrepreneurs who would like to break into the app scene by buying the rights to an existing app rather than build one from scratch.
App Vendor does not process the purchase or sale of the apps. Instead the platform provides a means for developers to list their apps, investors to browse the listings, and provide a way for the investor to connect with the developer.
Currently the app is free. In the future there may be a paid option for premium functionality. Download the app and signup today!

Slo-Mo: Ionic 2 Alpha vs 1.1 Sliding Animation on iPhone

The Ionic team announced the alpha version of Ionic 2 yesterday. According to the article, Ionic 2 has a "new animation system" as well as "dramatically improved performance".

I recorded two videos in slow motion comparing the difference between sliding forward and back using the default templates for Ionic 1 and Ionic 2, as well as the built-in Settings app.  on the iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3 and the iPhone 4 running 7.1.2.

For each test app, I ran ionic run ios --device to install it onto the physical device.

The things I noticed in Ionic 2 are:
On the iPhone 6, the sliding animation seems to be less choppy than on Ionic 1.After tapping a list item there is a longer delay than in Ionic 1 before the new screen starts sliding into view.On the iPhone 4, there is a noticeable blank-out flicker before sliding in the new view. Watch my videos and see if you agree:

iPhone 6
iPhone 4

For reference, here is the ionic info output for each of the apps:

Ionic 1:

Cordova CLI: 5.3.3 …

Solved: Using Ionic LiveReload on a Physical iOS Device

Ionic CLI has the option of starting your app with live updates as you make changes in your code.
Starting your app using live reload on a physical iOS device: Plug your phone in using the USB cable.At the Mac Terminal, cd into your app's folderType: ionic run ios --device --livereload Potential problems and troubleshooting steps: App hangs at the launch screen and Terminal shows this error: "Failed to load webpage with error: Could not connect to the server.":
Unplug the iOS device from the USB cable.Double-tap the home button on the iOS device.Swipe the app upwards to close it.Make sure the Wifi is enabled on the iOS device and that it is connected to the same network that your Mac is connected to.Plug the device back into the USB cable.In Terminal on the Mac, press CMD+C to kill the process.Repeat the steps listed at the top of this article.
App gets stuck in a view with no Back button visible:
Double-tap the home button on the iOS deviceSwipe the app upwards to close itLa…

Flag Capture Extreme - Multi Player - Now Available For Android

I am pleased to announce that Flag Capture Extreme, a multiplayer game for tablets is now available for Android. (Previously it was only available for iPad.)

Download now: Android, iOS

Choosing Between Xamarin and Cordova for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Hannes Nel with Microsoft New Zealand has written an excellent article on what to consider when choosing between Xamarin and Cordova.

Cost Per Square Foot Calculator for iPhone and Android

Last year I released Cost Per Square Foot Calculator for iPhone in form of an ad-supported free version as well as a paid version with no ads. Today I am pleased to announce the availability of the Android version.

This is a great real estate tool that helps you quickly calculate the cost per square feet of a home.

Check it out using the link below:

For iPhone:

Cost Per Square Foot Calculator Lite (Free, ad-supported version)iPhone Cost Per Square foot Calculator Pro (Paid, no-ads version) For Android: Cost Per Square Foot ndroid Paid (Paid, no-ads version)

Introducing Flag Capture Extreme for iPad

I am pleased to announce that my new game for iPad, Flag Capture Extreme, has been approved for distribution.

Gather your friends or family together for this 2 to 4 player game. Break through brick walls, dodge large rolling balls, and work your way around large boulders as you work your way to the enemy's flag and bring it back to your own base.

Download it now: Flag Capture Extreme (for iPad)