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Introducing App Vendor - New Mobile Platform For Uniting App Developers With Investors

I am excited to announce the release of one of my latest apps: App Vendor.
App Vendor is a new platform designed for connecting software developers and investors.
What kind of software developers? Those who have already made and released apps but aren't able to take them to the next level due to either lack of time or financing.
What kind of investors? 2 kinds: 1) Development firms who would like to purchase ownership of existing apps that already have a user base to add to their own portfolio. 2) Entrepreneurs who would like to break into the app scene by buying the rights to an existing app rather than build one from scratch.
App Vendor does not process the purchase or sale of the apps. Instead the platform provides a means for developers to list their apps, investors to browse the listings, and provide a way for the investor to connect with the developer.
Currently the app is free. In the future there may be a paid option for premium functionality. Download the app and signup today!