Xamarin App Startup Speed Comparison on Android

Device: Google Pixel XL

Using Release configuration with Shared Mono Runtime disabled with Shared Library instead of PCL.

Estimated seconds to launch the app three times and land on the first screen after the splash screen.

The last number shows the storage size of the app after being installed.

Xamarin Native

  • .93 seconds
  • .89 seconds
  • .95 seconds
  • 8.36 MB

Xamarin.Forms without XAML

  • 1.72 seconds
  • 1.69 seconds
  • 1.65 seconds
  • 22.84 MB

Xamarin.Forms with XAML

  • 1.92 seconds
  • 1.92 seconds
  • 1.96 seconds
  • 22.84 MB


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