Hybrid vs Native Android App Comparison

A while back I did a File Size and Startup Time Comparison of Android Apps using App Inventor versus the Android SDK. Android SDK was the winner.

Now I have done a comparison of Hybrid (using PhoneGap compiled on PhoneGap Build) vs Native (using the Android SDK).

Below are are my results for a very simple app using the Galaxy Note 2 as the test device. If you are concerned about speed, native is the winner in my book.

Android SDK

  • File size before install: ~162 KB
  • File size after install: 652 KB
  • Startup time: Less than half a second
  • Notes: Tapping the Clear Textbox button had what seemed like instant responses.


  • File size before install: 349 KB
  • File size after install: 1 MB
  • Startup time: About 2.5 seconds
  • Notes: Tapping the Clear Textbox button had a somewhat laggy response, but not too extreme.


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