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Adobe® Flex® Combobox: Selecting an Item Without Using SelectedIndex

In Adobe Flex, in order to select an item in a ComboBox, you use the .selectedIndex property. However, there might be times that you want to specify the item to be selected based on something other than it's position in the list.

I have found two potential solutions:

ComboBox2 from Ben Forta, Flex evangelist, is a ComboBox component which allows you to specify a "selectedValue" property.

VAComboBox from Codieron, LTD. (BSD license)

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How to Generate Your Own Free Digital Signature

The Adobe® AIR™ Software Development Kit comes with a command-line utility that will let you create a free digital certificate. 

Download and unzip the free Adobe AIR SDK.
Open a command prompt to the "/bin" folder in the sdk.
Execute the command below which was adapted from the command shown on the Adobe Developer Connection. (Replace the highlighted text with your own values.)
adt -certificate -cn YourCommonName 1024-RSA test_cert.pfx YourPassword

Now open the "/bin" folder and you should see the file that was generated.

Visit the Adobe Developer Connection for more details and how to sign an AIR applicatoin with your digital signature.

Adobe Developer Connection: