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Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver lets you write code to perform automated tests of web pages. Unlike Selenium IDE (which records clicks that you perform in the browser and plays them back), WebDriver requires you to write code to connect to the API which controls the browser. The code can be written in Java, C# or a few other languages.

The Selenium WebDriver documentation has some good instructions, but while following them, I ran into a few hitches, but was able to find the answers I needed from other pages on the internet. Hopefully I have referenced those other pages correctly.
Obtaining Selenium WebDriver for Use with JavaInstall Apache Maven. This will be used for downloading a project that can be imported into Eclipse or NetBeans.Create the pom.xml file shown on the WebDriver documentation page.Make sure to update the XML file with any potentially updated information on the Maven Download page.Add the Maven installation directory to your PATH.In the command prompt, navigate to the directory …

Introduction to Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is a plugin for Firefox that allows Quality Assurance representatives to test web based software or websites. It works similar to how macros work.
Installing Selenium IDEUsing Firefox, go to the SeleniumHQ download page and under the Selenium IDE section, click the download link. (At the time of this writing there was a link to the released version as well as an unreleased version. I chose version 1.10.0.)Firefox will prompt you to install the plugin. Click Allow, then Install Now.Restart firefox.You are now ready to perform your first automated test. Your First Automated Test in Selenium IDE Prerequisite: Selenium IDE must be installed. (See above) Using Firefox, browse to the web application or web site you would like to test.Press CTRL-ALT-S to open Selenium IDE along-side of Firefox.You should see the web address from Firefox now showing at the top of Selenium IDE in the Base URL text box.Notice the red circle towards the top right. It is highlighted, indicating that i…