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Add and Edit WordPress Posts From Your Android Phone

I went to my wordpress site today using my phone. The site displayed using the mobile theme and I noticed a link at the bottom to "Download WordPress for Android".
I installed the app and here I am using it to write this post. Not only can you modify posts but you can modify pages as well.
It supports basic formatting such as bold, italics, underline, link, and block-quote. Tags are also supported.
I am impressed that it also goes above and beyond the basics by allowing you to upload media files, add categories, and view stats complete with a visial graph.
Watch a video and find the link to the application at

Error when using ScrollView in Android

If you have added a ScrollView to your layout in Android, you might get this error showing up in your IDE:

error: Error parsing XML: unbound prefix

The problem is likely that you have not provided the xmlns:android attribute. If you have placed your ScrollView around the default LinearLayout in the project, just move the xmlns:android attribute from the LinearLayout to the ScrollView that you added.

(The source for the error above came from Eclipse 3.6.0 when I hovered over the error icon to the left of the ScrollView tag in my main.XML file.)

Also thanks to Lars Vogel's tutorial for showing me where to place the ScrollView.