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Choosing the Right Mobile Development Framework

When choosing a mobile development you first need to decide what your goals are in the long run. There are two ends of the spectrum. The first being 100% cross-platform code sharing, with the second being native feel and performance.
Xcode is Apple's recommended IDE for app iOS development.  It uses Objective C or Swift as the programming language. Using these will get you a fast, native app without any loss of performance. When using Objective-C, your resulting binary will be smaller than if you use Swift.
Android Studio is Google's recommended IDE for developing on Android. It is currently a customized build of Intelli-J, but previously it was a customized bundle of Eclipse with extra plugins. These tools use Java as the programming language.
Visual Studio is Microsoft's recommended IDE for developing Windows Phone apps. Developers can use C# or Visual to build apps.
The three IDE's mentioned above each have their pros and their cons. The main pro is that th…