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Overcoming Trouble Validating Your iPhone App

You are all excited because you finished developing your iPhone App and you have performed the necessary steps in the iOS Dev Center and in iTunes Connect. You have clicked on Product > Archive in Xcode 4 and are ready to upload it.
You click the Validate button and login. It says: "No identities are available for signing" You click Download Identities and login again. You get your hopes up only to have them dashed because now it says:
"No identities were available"  "An administrator must request identities before they can be downloaded."   Say what?

Well, in a nutshell, the Bundle identifier in your Xcode project doesn't match the Bundle ID you registered online.
Here is how to fix it: Login to iTunes Connect.Click "Manage Your Applications"Click on your app.Click "More", and choose "About This App".Copy the Bundle ID.Go to your project in Xcode 4.Click the folder at the top left, under the Run button.Click the node …