Solved: Splash Screen for Xamarin.Forms Android Project

When launching a Xamarin.Forms apps for Android it starts out on a regular Activity while it prepares and launches the Forms activity. This delay is not very pretty and displays a regular android activity for maybe 2 seconds (on my Galaxy S6) before launching the intended Xamarin.Forms screen.

While it is probably not possible to speed up the load, there is something you can do about the look of the app while the Forms activity is loading: and that is to display a splash screen.

First I thought I could just add my own class, call SetContentLayout and be on my way, but even the process of loading a layout has a delay. It isn't two seconds like when loading a Xamarin Forms activity, but there is still a noticeable delay. What you really need, as Thomas Burkhart and Chris Stewart recommend is a splash screen.

Xamarin has sample code for implementing a splash screen in a Xamarin.Android project. This example code takes a graphic and stretches it across the whole splash screen.

Chris Stewart's example shows how you can center an icon in the middle of the splash screen instead of filling the screen with one graphic.


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