3 Ways To Edit Office Documents From Your iPad

While Microsoft has not released a native app that allows you to edit Microsoft Office documents on an iPad, there are multiple tools that allow you to use Word or Excel through a streaming remote session.

Here are three services that I recommend looking into for using Office programs from your iPad:

1. Nivio
Nivio actually logs you into a remote session of Windows. You can use Word, Excel and more.

2. CloudOn
CloudOn opens Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in full screen mode. It connects to Box.net, DropBox, and Google Drive.

3.  OnLive Desktop
OnLive Desktop also logs you into a remote session of Windows where you can use different apps including Word and Excel.

A WiFi Internet connection is required in order to use Office programs on all three of these iPad apps because Word or Excel itself is not running on the iPad. Instead you are connected to a remote server where it shows you an interactive screen-share of the app.


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