4 Tips for Better Browsing

Here are some handy ways to speed up or make your Internet browsing experience better.

Refresh Quickly with the F5 Key

  • F5 refreshes the page. Don't waste time moving the mouse over to the Refresh button to click it. Just hit F5 on your keyboard and voila!

Navigate Quickly with Mouse Gestures

  • Ahh but what about having to move your mouse over to the Back and Forward buttons? Well, there's a solution for that too. Mouse gestures let you right-click on the current page and move your mouse to the left or to the right to go back or forward. You can get an Internet Explorer plugin or a FireFox extension.

Ditch 14 Characters with CTRL-ENTER

  • This one is great! Here are 14 characters you'll never have to type again when browsing the Internet.  "http://www" and ".com". Simply type the main part of the website and then push CTRL-ENTER. The "http://www" and ".com" will all be added for you.

Tabbed Browsing

  • Do you still have trouble pulling up the correct browser window from the taskbar? With tabbed browsing, you can have one browser window opened, but multiple pages loaded up within tabs. Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox both support tabbed browsing. If you don't want to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7, then you can go get Maxthon, which uses the rendering engine of your currently installed browser - and guess what, it has built-in support for mouse gestures.


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